is about crafting the obvious solution nobody thought of.

We’ve been perfecting our approach in distilling complex ideas into communication that seems natural for years. Creating meaningful connections between brands and their audiences is not easy, it’s an art that takes experience, relentless curiosity, and a willingness to learn.

  • Account & Project Management
  • Planning & Insights
  • Medical
  • Creative
  • Technology
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Account & Project Management

Agility, efficiency, autonomy, and foresight begin with a team that sets clear objectives, assuring all teams are working to a shared goal. They are facilitators and an extension of our client’s team in the most productive way.

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Planning & Insights

Driving results by shifting behaviour all the time, every time. Uncovering what motivates and inspires our audiences and bringing it into the mix to elevate brand ownership.

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A dedicated team with a passion for extracting and communicating the essential scientific truths that make your brand resonate, relevant and relatable. A vital contribution in the path to clarity, they do the legwork with regulatory bodies like PAAB, ASC and our client’s medical teams.

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Creative solutions to support behavior change with a vision for authenticity, clarity, and ingenuity. A vision we craft into every integrated campaign and touchpoint.

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If the path to clarity calls for new technological solutions, then we think ahead. Fisika is IQVIA OCE Field Email Certified. We also have in-house Electronic Medical Record expertise. Fisika has developed a patented medical application that will be coming soon to iOS and Android. It’s what we do.

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