You can’t hustle if you don’t breathe. We may work hard but we also think that taking a breather should come naturally, in case it doesn’t, we help plan for it.

Take a Breather

In addition to vacations and holidays, fisika closes for an additional 8 days during the year. 9 if you count your birthday. We call these days “Breathers”, and our team can do with them as they please. So long as it’s not work.

Play Dates

Our team gets to choose activities throughout the year. It’s up to them and always on fisika’s time. Play Dates are reserved well in advance, and all our clients get advanced notice.

True Hybrid

Come as you are, or don’t come at all - into the office that is. Our team has and always will make their own decisions as to when and for how long they need to be onsite. We trust each other.

Cool Downs

Who wants to work on a Friday afternoon in the summer, am I right? Our team doesn’t have to. We get to cool down from our week and segue into the weekend. To us, that’s sacred.

  • If you’re hyper collaborative (WE),
  • who’s bar is nothing less than excellence (SHINE),
  • aims to move the needle daily (HUSTLE),
  • and has a relentless motivation for engagement and fun (BREATHE),
  • then we want to hear from you (CONNECT).

See what we’re doing here? You know where to click.