Artists. Scientists. Tinkerers.

Harnessing creativity and science makes us collaborative by design. We love challenges and to challenge each other. We blend roles yet maintain the utmost respect for each other’s tradecraft. We’re also thrilled to share our expertise and learn from one another.  

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Anna Tsouluhas Partner

In her past life, Anna led the Canadian launch of HUMIRA on the client side before taking on a global role. Early-on, she established herself as an innovator, leader, and collaborator. She has spearheaded a multitude of launches spanning respiratory to oncology and many in between. With a passion for redefining customer behaviour, Anna brings a sophisticated and surprising perspective to fisika.

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Lisa Barbusci Partner

A healthcare industry insider for decades, Lisa is a natural leader with proven marketing instincts and a strong competitive streak. She brings a clear focus on building solid partnerships. Throughout her time at CDM and now fisika, Lisa’s skillset has contributed to an unprecedented client retention with relationships going beyond a decade.

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Priscilla Benfeito Partner

Priscilla’s career was born in healthcare advertising over 20 years ago. Her operational excellence has supported some of the biggest product launches and spearheaded over 30 clients in process efficiencies. Her mad logistics skills are known and respected on both agency and client side. 


About us

It all started with a BOOM. The agency and meeting place for a Greek, Italian and Portuguese who had prospects of changing how we market in healthcare. At the time, one was the client and the other two were the agency, but what was common then and remains common today is their contagious passion for what they do.

Fisika officially debuted in 2022, the result of a serendipitous connection with decades of expertise clarifying the complexity of healthcare advertising. In fact, it inspired our name. Fisika refers to whatever comes naturally. We think meaningful connections do just that.