CDM Montreal becomes Fisika

The healthcare advertising agency debuts its new branding to highlight its autonomy

Montreal, Canada, June 22, 2022 – CDM Montreal Inc., an Omnicom Network healthcare marketing and advertising agency, announced today it has completed a rebrand into Fisika. The rebranding comes after the 2020 acquisition of Omnicom’s CDM Montreal by three women who are well-established in the industry. Lisa, Anna and Priscilla are now equal partners and owners of Fisika and have reimagined and restructured the healthcare agency in order to better meet the needs of their clients.

The Fisika Story: Chasing Clarity
Fisika was born from a meaningful connection. After cultivating years of experience in the industry, they came together determined to create an offering that is more relevant to the industry’s unique complexities and true to what they do best.

“In Greek, Fisika means something that comes naturally. Something completely obvious, once you see it, but not necessarily obvious until you do. At which point you say, ‘of course’! This is the definitive test for what we do. Although once expressed the solution is evident, getting there often isn’t. This is where we shine.” says Anna Tsouluhas, partner at Fisika, who spent close to two decades on the client side leading one of the world’s largest brands in Canada and globally.

Helping our clients find clarity required a structural change. “CDM has been a trusted agency for years. As we move forward, and face the growing complexities and regulations of the industry, the one constant our clients have is the need for clarity. Our approach didn’t just start today, for the last 2 years we have restructured and modified our organization to align to the needs of our clients. We added comprehensive EMR capabilities and a patent pending on our first medical device with Health Canada.” says Lisa Barbusci, partner at Fisika, who long-held the position of Managing director at CDM Montreal. “An agency simply can’t mean what it traditionally used to, just like our clients have had to evolve. It’s natural.”

Fisika highlights its value as an independent entity by harnessing creativity, science and curiosity, resulting in a collaborative solutions-oriented environment for all. “We blur the lines between roles to promote teamwork. The goal is to cultivate a solid place that provides equal footing and a horizontal structure.” says Priscilla Benfeito, partner at Fisika, who has spent 20+ years in operations in the agency world.

New name, new space
Re-branding also meant relocating. Their new office space designed by an architect recognized by Canada’s top 100s, is in an up and coming neighbourhood & is surrounded by tech companies and innovative entrepreneurs. This creates a welcoming environment that makes their employees excited to come to work, whether remotely or at the office.

About Fisika
Fisika is a full-service agency that prides itself in the art of clarity. Led by three women partners, self-proclaimed caffeinated savants with detailed knowledge of their specialized fields. They are also unapologetic about their passion for them.

It all started with a boom. In 2001, Priscilla joined BOOM Works, a small but driven team whose aim was nothing less than to revolutionize the healthcare agency model. It didn’t take long for BOOM to send out industry wide shockwaves in the form of their first client, Humira. In 2005, Lisa joined Boom Works to help further the agency to unignorable levels. So much so, they were acquired by Omnicom, a global powerhouse. Anna, BOOM’s first client, partnered with Lisa and Priscilla in 2017.

Three years later, the partners re-acquired ownership from Omnicom, underscoring their autonomy and self-determination as new owners and partners.

“As people, we have many similarities and as partners, we each bring a different approach to business and strategy,” says Priscilla Benfeito, partner at Fisika, who has spent 20+ years in operations in the agency world. “It’s a fine balance, but we seem to hit it every time quite naturally. Each one of us solves problems in unique ways, bringing Fisika into everything we do.”

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